Beach Essentials

Every dutiful beach-goer has their own personal set of “beach essentials”, and I am no exception. When it comes to knowing what to pack for a day at le plage, I believe I have it in the bag. Literally.

A Full List of What-to-Bring:

Hamamlook Turkish Towel/Peshtemal (This light-weight, super absorbent towel is Perfect for laying out on the sand. You can check mine out, here.)

Cosmetic Bag (These are super handy for storing things like sunscreen. I got mine from Spartina449)

Waiakea Water (Hydration is super important when spending the day out in the sun) *pro tip: an insulated flask will keep your water cool throughout the day

Sun Bum Sunscreen (Also, very important. I never ever go to the beach without obsessively slathering sunscreen all over my body, and you should do the same!)

Beach Umbrella (A little shade goes a long way on a hot beach day, plus it’s good to give your skin a break from the sun.)

SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS (Need I say more? This is probably the most important thing)

A Book (I love having something to read when laying out. The most recent book I read at the beach was A Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Gardening. May not be your cup of tea, but it was a good read)

Surfboard (99.99% of the time I go to the beach, it’s to go surfing. So this is a given.)

Wetsuit (Unfortunately, California water is cold for the majority of the year, so yeah, unfortunately I pack this, too)

GoPro camera (How else am I going to get the shot for Insta??)

Polaroid camera (Super fun to document the moment when meeting up with friends)

iPhone (Great for playing music, I try to not use it for more than that)

Speakers (These turn any ol’ beach day into a party)

And of course a cute beach bag to put all your things in!

So, there you have it. A curated list of essentials from a credited beach bum who knows from experience.

I’m curious to know what’s in YOUR beach bag, so comment below!

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