Beach Essentials

Every dutiful beach-goer has their own personal set of “beach essentials”, and I am no exception. When it comes to knowing what to pack for a day at le plage, I believe I have it in the bag. Literally.

A Full List of What-to-Bring:

Hamamlook Turkish Towel/Peshtemal (This light-weight, super absorbent towel is Perfect for laying out on the sand. You can check mine out, here.)

Waiakea Water (Hydration is super important when spending the day out in the sun) *pro tip: an insulated flask will keep your water cool throughout the day

Sun Bum Sunscreen (Also, very important. I never ever go to the beach without obsessively slathering sunscreen all over my body, and you should do the same!)

Beach Umbrella (A little shade goes a long way on a hot beach day, plus it’s good to give your skin a break from the sun.)

SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS (Need I say more? This is probably the most important thing)

A Book (I love having something to read when laying out. The most recent book I read at the beach was A Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Gardening. May not be your cup of tea, but it was a good read)

Surfboard (99.99% of the time I go to the beach, it’s to go surfing. So this is a given.)

Wetsuit (Unfortunately, California water is cold for the majority of the year, so yeah, unfortunately I pack this, too)

GoPro camera (How else am I going to get the shot for Insta??)

Polaroid camera (Super fun to document the moment when meeting up with friends)

iPhone (Great for playing music, I try to not use it for more than that)

Speakers (These turn any ol’ beach day into a party)

And of course a cute beach bag to put all your things in!

So, there you have it. A curated list of essentials from a credited beach bum who knows from experience.

I’m curious to know what’s in YOUR beach bag, so comment below!

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