Bedroom Makeover: Updated

I was scrolling through my Pinterest as I always do for inspiration, and I noticed the same kind of photo catching my attention every time. I was looking at bedroom decor, and as I looked back at my board of the pins, I noticed one obvious element in all of the photos. Can you spy what it is?

(These are some the photos via Pinterest that inspired me, below.)

As you can see, all of these photos have one obvious thing in common… potted plants! Looking at these photos gave me major plant envy, but also let the creative juices flow in my brain about how I could incorporate this idea into my own room.

Then I got to work to make my room “Pinterest worthy”.

First, I deep-cleaned my room: washed the floors, fan, shelves… basically every surface of my room was wiped down. Then I went to Target and bought some plastic shelves to help organize my closet.

I also bought some new pillows and added a throw blanket (it’s actually a roundie towel from Beach People) on top of my bed to give it an instant makeover.


The fun part was going to Home Depot and picking out my plants. I chose two of them; one big and one medium size. I also found some pots in this fun, bright blue color. Since I got palms, I used cactus/palm soil to pot the plants. They instantly gave my room a new look, and I love them. I’ll probably be adding more in the near future…

011 003-001

I also placed my succulents that I potted a little while back on my windowsill.

015008My room is now a plant nursery. Just kidding- but on a serious note, I love the new feel of my room. It feels cleaner (obviously because I cleaned it), but it also feels alive, fresh, and homely. I absolutely recommend adding a potted plant (or two, or three, or four) to your room to instantly cheer it up.

Oh, and if you want to give it that extra touch, add in a white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. (Ha!) My puppy visited me while I was taking photos and plopped right down on the white, fuzzy carpet. It was pretty cute, as you can see, below.


I also organized my bookshelves and desk area, below. The wall opposite of my bed is entirely covered by shelves, mostly occupied by books. (Surprise, I’m a total book worm!)


My desk, below, is where I spend a majority of my time when I’m at home. Whether to do school work, blog, or edit photos, this is my creative work space.


My UE Boom speaker is my own personal D.J. It connects to my phone via bluetooth so I can stream music from my Spotify and constantly have background music playing.


Here is the finished look, below. I’m pretty silly, I totally forgot to take “before” shots…but you can see what my room looked like before ( here ) back when it was plant-less.


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