Festival Style: T-Shirt DIY

Do you feel like you have nothing to wear for festival season? Here’s an easy DIY tutorial to revamp old or oversized t-shirts into something festival-worthy (no sewing required).

What You Need:

  • oversize shirt, I got mine here.
  • scissors
  • plate
  • Sharpie pen
  • tanktop to use as a stencil

Step One:

Cut out the neckline. Use a plate to outline with a sharpie pen for a clean cut.

Step Two:

Use the tank top as a stencil to crop the bottom. To do a tie-front style, keep the front of the shirt longer than the back, and cut in a triangle style.

Step Three:

Cut off the sleeves about an inch below the armpit. You can decide how thick you want the shoulder straps. After everything is cut, stretch out the shirt and the rough edges will become smooth.

The Finished Product:

Have fun creating!

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