Miniature Succulents DIY

How to put together your own miniature succulent garden.

What you’ll need:


tip: Cleaned out, used candles make the perfect mini pots!

What to do: 

First thing you’re going to do is put the potting soil in your pot.Fill the bottom 1/3 of the pot with soil then arrange the succulents to your desire. Fill up the spaces with soil and press down lightly.

tip: Arrangements always looks best with different varieties of succulents mixed together. 

Place the succulents in a spot with soft sunlight; windowsills are perfect.

Succulents don’t need too much water (these little guys are so low maintenance!) That being said, only give them enough water to make the soil damp. Water again every 3-4 days when the soil is completely dried. They don’t need much water because they have shallow roots.

How to propogate succulents:

Another cool thing about succulents is that they propagate easily! You can essentially re-use the leaves to make new baby succulents. All you need to do is take off a leaf from the bottom third of the plant and lay it on top of soil. Lightly water after a few days and then lightly water every 3-4 days. In a few weeks you should start to see pink roots starting to grow and pretty soon you’ll begin to see a new miniature succulent forming.

Have fun with your miniature succulent garden!


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