Oahu Travel Diary (And Packing Tips)

After a little over a year since my last visit to Oahu, I found myself packing my bags for a week-long getaway with my boyfriend to celebrate Thanksgiving and a friend’s wedding.

Packing for Hawaii

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself packing for a tropical getaway, you NEED to get yourself some ALOHA Collection travel pouches. These splash-proof bags come in handy from helping to organize your luggage to storing your essentials on any of your adventures.

Here’s how I like to organize my tropical getaway essentials:

  1. The more ALOHA pouches, the better.
  2. Pack swimsuits in a medium-size bag to avoid cluttering your suitcase with loose articles. I usually put a mini pouch in my beach tote to store my wet swimsuit(s) and any sea shells I may have found after a day at the beach.
  3. Pack GoPro and all of its accessories into a small pouch to make sure small pieces don’t get lost!
  4. Putting toiletries in a medium splash-proof pouch will ensure that your suitcase won’t be a mess in case the liquids explode on the plane. (This happens to me often, don’t know why)

These bags are perfect for storing anything adventure related. I use a max pouch, like this one to store my fins and dive mask when I head to the beach! They’re also great for carrying surf wax and sunscreen.

( I think you get it- they’re great for any purpose.)

I kicked off my Oahu adventures with a couple relaxing days at the Alohilani resort, located in the heart of Waikiki with just a short walk away from the sand. Newly renovated from the previous Pacific Beach hotel, the Alohilani is the embodiment of “Aloha Chic” with a fresh interior and upgraded amenities.

My boyfriend and I enjoyed cocktails and pupus at the bar, situated by a massive two-story oceanarium teeming with colorful Hawaiian fish. Paired with live music, this was a truly relaxing and ambient setting; the perfect environment to unwind after a long day of surfing and walking around Waikiki.

Experiencing the ocean-view suite was a real treat. With a massive balcony equipped with a couch and table, it was difficult to get away from this cozy little nook overlooking the world-class surfing at Queens and Canoes in Waikiki Beach. In the early mornings, I’d enjoy a cup of coffee and check the waves.

I caught the sunset from the relaxing comfort of the Swell infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Though surrounded by buildings on both sides, the newly-designed pool area was a tropical oasis that gave me a feeling of peaceful solitude.

After checking out of the Alohilani resort, my boyfriend and I met up with his friends who had just flown in from LAX. We all piled into a rental car and drove up to the North Shore where we checked into an AirBnB on Sunset Beach. The next five days included an ensemble of adventures like jumping off waterfalls, hiking, and surfing.

Our last full day on Oahu was spent attending a beautiful Hawaiian-style wedding at the Four Seasons Resort in Ko’Olina. It was a special experience watching the sun go down as vows were read and feeling the sea breeze making the palms sway as family and friends clinked their wine glasses together to toast the newly weds. There’s no wedding quite like a Hawaiian one.

There was so much to be thankful for on this trip to Hawaii. From meeting new people to spending time with my boyfriend in a beautiful place, I found myself smiling over how amazing life is when surrounded by the spirit of Aloha. I can say with certainty that Aloha is very much still alive and well.

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