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Palm Springs and Joshua Tree Road Trip

Weekend escape to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park.

For Thanksgiving weekend, my family decided to go on a road trip. After all, California has so much natural beauty to offer. Thursday morning, we drove for 3 hours to Palm Springs. There, we checked into the Renaissance Hotel and Spa Resort and explored the property.

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After we wandered around a bit and bought some snacks at the local grocery store, we drove for 30 minutes to the San Joaquin mountains where we took a tram up to the top. It was really cold up there, around 27 degrees, and it even started snowing. We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner at the lodge, cafeteria style.


The next morning, we drove to Joshua Tree National Park where we stayed at the Marriott Hotel at 29 Palms. The rest of the trip was spent driving around the National Park and hiking. There was little to no cell service in the park, so it was a great time to unplug and enjoy life without my cell phone.

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573695It’s always nice to get out of the city and breathe in the fresh air. I love California’s National Parks and all that my home state has to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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