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What’s in my Weekend Bag?

The things I pack for a weekend getaway.


This Weekender Bag from Alma Vistoso is the perfect travel bag. It can be used as a carry-on for airplane travel or as a weekender bag for small trips.

Yes, it’s December- (Dec.10 to be exact), but the beauty of living in Southern California is that sometimes we get summer weather in winter… so the things I packed in my bag to spend the weekend at my friend’s house in Venice were indeed very “summer-y”!

Weekender Bag

Pair of Denim Cutoff Shorts

 Cashmere Sweater (for chillier evenings)


Midori Bikinis Separates (for beach bumming)

Cosmetics Bag (Lotion, Face Wash, Sunscreen, Makeup Wipes)


Film Camera

Avarca Sandals

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