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Alaska: Adventuring in the Wilderness

The first trip of summer to Junea, Alaska.
To kick off my summer vacation, I went to Juneau, Alaska with my friend Mikki. Her aunt is a marine biologist and we stayed with her and her husband for a week. This was my first time in Alaska, and I didn’t much know what to expect, other than it would be cold, and I’m pretty biased against the cold. I would’ve much preferred a tropical beach setting any day, especially in the beginning of my summer vacation.

But Alaska surprised me in the best way possible.


I was told that the best time to be in Alaska is in the summertime, and I can see why. There are wildflowers everywhere, green grass, and trees everywhere you look. (Such a pleasant change from the busy development of Los Angeles!)

I loved the lifestyle I experienced for a week. The drinking water was always fresh and cold, and since there’s an abundant of water available (unlike California), I could take showers for as long as I wanted to. IMG_6744IMG_6762IMG_6764IMG_6821IMG_6822 IMG_6772

There were salmon berries all over the place. One day, my friend and I went berry picking in the mountains then made jam afterwards. IMG_6783IMG_5059IMG_6949 IMG_6981 IMG_6984

Since we were staying with marine biologists, you can bet we spent most of our time at sea. We spent hours fishing until it was late, but we could stay out as long as we wanted to because it never really got dark!
IMG_7161 IMG_7147IMG_7179IMG_5065IMG_7248IMG_7230IMG_7261IMG_7262IMG_7266IMG_7267IMG_7269IMG_7262IMG_7257ZA

I biked a lot. I’v never experienced bike paths where it felt like biking through a forest, and I couldn’t get enough!

591 DCIM103GOPRO IMG_5083 IMG_5126IMG_5127IMG_5133

Another popular past-time was paddle boarding. Surprisingly, the water wasn’t too cold and we even went swimming. We did, however make the mistake of attempting to paddle board to a glacier, and believe me, we never paddled in that area again.


img_5728IMG_5162Unfortunately, I lost my go pro to the depths of Auke Bay, so all the photos you see were taken with my iPhone in water housing.
A quiet bookshop where we spent hours looking through old books. 

Alaska was a dream. Being immersed in natural beauty was the perfect getaway that my mind and body had been craving for so long. From biking in the rain, scenic drives, listening to Brandon Flowers while paddle boarding… Alaska was a blend of blissful moments that set the tone for an unforgettable summer vacation.

It’s an amazing experience going someplace you’ve never really thought about before and ending up loving it.

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