Bedroom Makeover

Recently I gave my room a much needed makeover. I had a twin bed that was pushed into a corner, and I didn’t much like the cramped feeling it gave to my room. The first major change that instantly improved my room was upgrading to a Queen size bed and getting all new covers and pillow cases. Second was adding another lamp to make the room more symmetrical.

Of course the fun part is decorating. What makes a bedroom so special is that it’s all you.

Personally, I have a slight obsession with candles. Letting my loose in Bath and Body Works is a very bad idea. (Last week I spent $100 on their newest Tahiti line on candles alone)

I’m the type who likes to stay up at night reading or writing in my journal, and candles give off a soft, ambient atmosphere that allows the dreamer in me to come out and my mind to wander off.


Now let’s turn off the lights and see some real magic.


How beautiful are these starry lights?! I’m obsessed. They’re effortless, but they instantly make my bedroom that much more special to me. Ahh, I blame my Pisces self.

Starry lights from Ankit 

I hope this post inspires you to keep improving your bedroom space until it feels perfect to you. Your bedroom is the physical embodiment of your personality, so have fun designing/decorating it- you might even learn something about yourself.

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